Abstract submission deadline is Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

Annual Meeting Abstracts

The NOF ISO18 annual meeting has served as the premier event for scientific and clinical exchange in the field of osteoporosis and bone health. This year we will review abstract submission from the osteoporosis/bone health community from all over the world. A limited number of abstracts will be accepted for oral and poster presentations through an extensive peer review process. The Plenary Scientific Session, will include the top abstracts as selected by the Program Committee, and is one of the annual meeting program highlights.

2018 Call for Abstracts

ISO18 will be held Wednesday, May 16, through Saturday, May 19, 2018, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The goal of the NOF annual meeting is to present the best new scientific research in all areas of osteoporosis.  All abstract submissions must be made electronically through NOF’s abstract submission portal. Abstract submission deadline is Friday, January 5, 2018, 11:59 p.m. (PDT).

Abstract Review Categories

Have you used any approaches involving genome-wide association analyses, transcriptome analyses, proteome protein expression profiling and in vivo and in vitro functional analyses of specific genes of interest and the like?  If so, this please select this category.

Have you elucidated any functional changes related to osteoporosis, or found novel molecular targets?  If so, please select this category.

Does your presentation address the biology dealing with immunologic effects on such phenomena as infectious disease, growth and development, recognition phenomena, hypersensitivity, heredity, aging, transplantation. If so, please select this category.

Have you developed any commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or highly effective in treating osteoporosis.  If so, please select this category.

Is your abstract related to the importance of nutrition and dietary needs of patients with osteoporosis?  Are you sharing information on safe movements and exercise for patients?  If so, please select this category.

Does your abstract address how to communicate with patients about sexuality and safety during sexual activities?  If so, please select this category.

If your abstract is related to Fracture Liaison Services, please select this category.

If your abstract is related to Paget’s Disease in any way please select this category.

If your abstract reflects the implementation of novel therapies for the treatment of osteoporosis, please select this category.

If your abstract falls outside of the other categories, please select this category .

Preferred Presentation Format

During submission, submitters must choose the formats in which they would be willing to present/publish their abstract. These choices must be made at the time of submission and cannot be changed after the review committee has reached its decision.

  1. Authors select whether they prefer oral or poster presentation. Abstracts noted with a preference for poster presentation will NOT be considered for oral presentation, regardless of score.
  2. In the event that an abstract is not chosen for oral presentation, it can still be chosen for poster presentation. Authors who state a preference for oral presentation must decide whether they would accept poster presentation. Authors may either present a poster or request that the abstract be immediately withdrawn. (Please note that declining to have your abstract considered for poster presentation does not improve its chances of being accepted as an oral presentation. This option should be selected primarily by authors who would not be willing to present a poster.)


Please be sure your abstract contains the following prior to submission:

  • A sentence stating the study’s objective (unless this is provided in the title)
  • A brief statement of methods, if pertinent
  • A summary of the results obtained
  • A statement of conclusion (it is not acceptable to state, “the results will be discussed”)


Please follow these guidelines when formatting your abstract:

  • Use a short, specific title. The title should be entered in sentence-style capitalization (i.e. Modeling cytoskeletal structures with Cytosim). Please do not use a period, or place your title in quotes, use bold, or use ALL CAPS.
  • Capitalize initial letters of trade names.
  • Please do not write given or family names, titles, or abstracts in ALL CAPS.
  • Use standard abbreviations for units of measure; other abbreviations should be spelled out in full at first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis (exceptions: RNA, DNA, etc.).
  • Please do not include tables, charts, or other figures.
  • Be sure to proofread your work carefully before submission. Please ensure your abstract and submission details are correct. It will be printed exactly as it appears in the abstract submission system.

Special Characters and Formatting:

Character Limit/Word Count

  • The abstract text is limited to 2,800 characters, including spaces (~400 words). This limit includes the body of the abstract only. If your abstract exceeds this limit, you will be prompted to shorten it before being allowed to continue.
  • The abstract title is limited to 200 characters, including spaces.
  • There is no character limit for your authors or author affiliations.

Abstract Review and Selection Process

After the submission deadline, all completed and eligible abstracts will be made available to the NOF Abstract Reviewers for blinded review and scoring, and final decisions will be made by the Program Committee in late January 2018. 

Abstracts will be evaluated and scored solely on their scientific merits. Incomplete abstracts will not be reviewed. The same study must not be submitted as multiple abstracts. Abstracts that are simply different versions of a single study will be rejected.  Abstracts will be peer reviewed according to the subject categories. Authors must indicate during online submission the appropriate review category (one only). Please use the list of abstract review categories.  Read through all of the categories and select the category most closely associated with your abstract. All category selections will be final. There will be NO re-classification of abstracts after the abstract submission site has been closed. Abstracts submitted to the wrong category are scored in that category and usually fare poorly.

All abstracts submitted will be considered eligible for one presentation: either plenary, oral (simultaneous session), or poster.

The Plenary Session features the top abstracts. These are formal oral presentations, each followed by a brief discussion. An NOF member selected by the Program Committee will give a brief introduction to the abstract.

Oral (simultaneous) Sessions are formal oral presentations followed by a brief discussion.

Poster Sessions allow the viewing of a poster illustration of the abstract. Authors are expected to post and remove posters at designated times and to be at their posters to answer questions during the time designated for poster presentations. The author’s attendance during poster presentation time will be monitored.

Acceptance/Rejection Notification

Notification regarding acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be sent to the presenting author in January 2018 by email; consequently, an accurate email address is critical. If your abstract is accepted, the email will specify whether it is accepted as plenary, oral, or poster presentation or whether it has been selected to be published online only. If you have not received an email notification by February 2, 2018, contact Catrell Harris at catrell.harris@nof.org. Rejection notifications will also be sent at that time.

The decision of the NOF Program Committee regarding acceptance and presentation of abstracts is final.

NOF will be accepting submissions for research-, project- and best practice-based abstracts to be presented as oral presentations and posters at ISO18 in New Orleans, LA, May 17-19, 2018.


January 5, 2018, 11:59p.m. (PDT)


To submit an abstract, the following criteria must be met:

  • At least one of the authors must be an NOF member who has paid the current membership dues.
  • If none of the abstract authors is an NOF member, the abstract must be sponsored by a current NOF  member.
  • NOF members are urged to use their best judgment in restricting sponsorship to a reasonable number of abstracts, keeping in mind that they are endorsing the authenticity and quality of each abstract that they sponsor.
  • Research and/or studies must fit into one of the NOF 2018 Abstract Review Categories.

Any of the following criteria will make an abstract ineligible for presentation at the NOF ISO annual meeting:

  • Data are publicly available via major search engines (such as PubMed, Google Scholar, etc.);
  • Data are accepted for publication before the abstract submission closing date;
  • Data have been or are to be presented at a meeting of 1,000 or more participants before the NOF annual meeting;
  • Data are to be presented at the 2017 NOF Friday Satellite Symposium.

Updated analyses will be considered only if the abstract is a significant extension of previously published work. The author must provide an explanation to show how the abstract contains significant new information.


The first author listed for each abstract serves as the presenting author and as the primary contact for all correspondence regarding the abstract, unless otherwise specified under the “Contact Information” section of the online abstract submission system.  The presenting author must be one of the co-authors listed on the submitted abstract.

The presenting author is responsible for the following: Ensuring that all authors have read the abstract and agreed to be co-authors. Failure to get approval from all authors will result in rejection of the abstract.  Notifying all co-authors of any additions, deletions, and changes to the program, as may be communicated by NOF.  Obtaining all of the conflict-of-interest disclosure and copyright transfer information from co-authors.  Forwarding all correspondence to all co-authors, including NOF policies and guidelines and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Standards for Commercial Support for Continuing Medical Education (CME).


Each abstract author agrees and certifies that he or she:

  • has read all of the rules and agrees to be bound by them,
  • is responsible for submission of the abstract in accordance with the rules,
  • and waives any and all claims against NOF and any reviewer arising out of or relating to the abstract submission and review process, including but not limited to peer review and the grading of abstracts.

Abstract Submission

Please review the guidelines and categories above, then attach your document to the email message and include your name and abstract category as the subject line.

Please send all abstract submissions to catrell.harris@nof.org or click submit below: